St Paul's Church

Roll of Honour

The St Paul's Church Roll of Honour lists 17 men of the congregation who perished during the First World War. A hand-written Roll of Honour in a church minute book has the names of the 17 men who fell and a further 93 men who served and survived.

Of the 17 men only 9 appear on the Newbridge War Memoral.

  • Joseph Banwell
  • Edwin German
  • Harry Whitcombe
  • Albert Margrie
  • Abraham Venner
  • Arthur Edward Harvey
  • James Lionel Prosser
  • William Powell
  • Henry Graham
  • Frederick Jones
  • Christopher Walter Tovey
  • Jonathan Jackson MM
  • J C Pearn
  • S J Peacock
  • Alfred Prosser Workman
  • Edward Workman
Photo © Tim Bowers